Characteristics of a good web design you should know

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Characteristics of a good web design you should know

Characteristics of a good web design you should know

Looking for characteristics of a good web design? Well, Qualities or Features play vital role to success your business online. A website is one of the main assets of your business that trigger a huge amount of audience. So, as you are thinking to make your website you of course be confirm that your website meets some criteria so people like it to use it. In this post I am going to help you finding the best qualities of website you must have. If you want to increase sales please follow how website increase your sale

So, do you want to know the features of the best website design? Let’s get started…


Search engines are looking for website design to be responsive. It’s the design that has multiple layouts according to client’s device screen size.

So, if you are browsing website from big screen resolutions website should have some extra features on it comparing to small mobile devices.

Another word for responsive website design is mobile first indexing. More than 50% of web traffic comes for mobile device.

So, if your website is not responsive well user might see a big mess and they don’t want read your article and other important stuff on it.

Well optimized

You are making website for your ideal client try to make them happy with online experiences. The more optimized your site the more user accessibility you have.

Content, Browsers, Speed, Screen size everything should be optimized accordingly. So, if your website is optimized well you have more chance to engage more visitors to your website.

If your website doesn’t support modern browser or not optimized for well known smart phones your conversion rate will be very low.

Not happy?

No problem. Just tell your developer to make it optimized. More visitors mean more conversion rate that is what every website or business owner wants.

Niche relevancy

What is your business all about?

Real –estate? Well, whatever is it, be very specific of your topic. Don’t just through a bunch of content that is not relevant to your ideal client.

Don’t put article or content about traveling if your business is real-estate or housing. It makes no sense to users or event search engine.

So, if your business is real-estate put your content about it. Help people finding best house or place that suites their personality.

Or if your business is about traveling try publishing article about traveling or best place in the world for family trip.

Any way if you are travel agent you may like 28 tips on

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Do you want to build a multi vendor ecommerce website where user can buy and sell their products and you get a big commission on selling?

Well, a multi vendor ecommerce system should have some common set of task to perform. Supplier posts goods for sell. So, there should a user interface for product selling.

Think for a moment, you are a website visitor. You want to buy a “Pohela boishakh gift” for your mother but there is no option to buy.

Does it make any sense?

That’s just a dummy example I made but think about it. What is the main job of your website? Website development should include the main functionality. It must solve a problem to help users.


Easy user interface

What is your first language? Mine is Bengali. Let me assume your fist language is English and I want you to write a paragraph on your business in Chinese.

How do you feel?

May be example above is not that much relevant but think a person who is your website visitor don’t know about technology well.

So, when you develop a website you must have some easy functionality. You need to decorate your website in a way so that user can find any information without fighting with your system.

My tips is here, never make too complicated functionality. Keep it simple. Let’s say simplicity is the best policy at least in the area of website design and development.


You must hear the phrase “First impression is the last impression”, didn’t you?

Of course you are. You don’t want to look at some ugly sh**t. So, it’s neither your audiences. It’s all about to create big impression in marketing and selling.

We designer and online marketing community designs your online presence to create big impression to your potential clients.

When you design your website by your own or by your designer make sure website looks beautiful and follow recent trends and updated technology.

Which one is your favorite website? Think about why do you like it most. I bet it’s the outlook and the layouts of website. So, be awesome when design your next website.


Well speed test result

Technology is helping us making money, saving investment, saving time and so on. I could write another article on advantage of technology. So, what’s speed test result or why do you care about?

As we are making progress, working hard, working fast but the time is something always short. We want more time want to save more time.

When you visit some website you don’t want to wait one minute to load website rather instantly leave and look for another website.

Your customer also does the same thing. So, make sure good speed test result. To test your website speed you can use GTMatrix or Google speed test tool.

Average website loading time should be under 4 seconds. So, keep it in mind.



You ordered a set of jewelry today. Tomorrow, you might want to track whether it’s on the delivery schedule or not.

How do you feel if you see a 404 status code or URL is not found message?

So, make sure your website is reliable as well as your website developer. If there a sudden accident occurs fix it as early as possible. So, when you hire a developer ask them do they available at any time in emergency situation.

If people see your website is not reliable they find your business unreliable. Make your website 24/7 up and running. So, it’s accessible from anywhere in the world.




You don’t want to stay as little mouse. You want to grow yourself; you want to scale your business online. So, it’s your website.

Is your website extendable or easy to maintainable? Does it follow worldwide standard structure? Well, there is some well organized code structure that needs to follow in case you want to extend your website.

MVC and MVT are two of them. If your web developers write code in these frameworks anyone familiar with those frame can handle and extend your website in future.

Not only back-end of your website but also user interface should be scalable too. Does your website able to handle more visitors?



So, you want to make your website secure. Security issue is always questionable but if you want to build trust you must ensure security of web.

Everyone needs secure connection. Does your website follow standard security metric? Is it uses SSL encryption? You feel fear if you don’t see green url bar at top left corner of your web browser. Make sure website is SSL encrypted.

Another fact is password; password must be strong combining numbers, characters and symbols. But it’s hard to memorize for user. User might forget their password. So, keep in mind to enable password recovery features.

You are looking for qualities of good web design? Security is one of them.


Awesome domain name

You own a business means you are a brand promoter. Best practice is to choice domain name according to your brand name.

These days almost every domain name of your choice is taken. Finding a perfect domain name became hard. But don’t give up choose a domain name that is memorable. Take “.com” extension if it is available.


Color consistency

When you visit your favorite website pay a little attention to the color scheme. Look at the logo, header menu and sidebar.

I assume you did. Did you notice something special? If you see a combination of blue or similar that means they want to acquire trust. Psychologically color plays a great impact on users.

But if it’s the only case then the entire website on internet would be blue. You know what I mean right?

Next time when you design your brands try to stay on maximum three to four colors. Otherwise it will look little messy.


Easy admin communication

Why do you want to build your website? In case you don’t know benefits of having website check out why your business needs a website. Well,To me it’s to make more sales. You want your client to contact with you as soon as they need. So, place a contact form link to upper right corner or in main navigation bar.

Put your phone number and email address visible on top of page but remember there are web scrapers to collect phone number and email address to spam you.

So, what do you do? Let me share what I do to prevent bots. Normally, I embed phone number and email address as image file. There might be other, Let me know via contact form if you find more suitable idea.


Structural navigation menu

Navigation menu is normally seen in header area of a website. It make user to find your important page easily. It’s a good practice to put your products or services page in the navigation. That way user will find your services fast.

Website’s content is easier to find if you implement a well navigation menu. As a result your conversion rate will increase dramatically.

So, it time to take consideration about navigation. If your target is to impress investor you may want company profile to be placed in navigation.

There are also some others landing page hack you convert your visitor into customer. I will describe in another day




As long as you maintain consistency with color but there is another fact to keep in mind is readability. People will read your article or blog post to find information. Can you read them easily?

Be careful about font size in all devices. Small screen generally read well with lower font size. Font size, font weight and font color are the main properties to make a readable content.

So, if your user feels comfortable when they read they will spend more time on your website. That is what you really want.

If you are selling digital product or downloadable product online make sure place a download button clear.

5. Avoid dead links. Make sure that links on all your pages are working, whether they are internal links to pages within your site, or links to external Web sites.

6. Keep the content fresh. People are more apt to return to your Web site if they find new and interesting material. Post articles on your site, offer a newly updated “Internet Special” or provide fresh, helpful links. All these things cause visitors to bookmark your site as a reference tool.



Cross browser compatibility

You don’t know about your visitor’s web browser. Someone prefer chrome I personally prefer Firefox. Does your website looks same as it appear in Firefox or internet explorer.

There are many web browsers out there. Different web browsers render or display text differently. Also different versions of the same web browser don’t display same.

So, it’s important to keep in mind cross browser compatibility.


SEO friendly

Last and most importantly. SEO is a way to tell search engine about your website. So, when someone search in search engine your website comes first and provide the best information what searcher is looking for. With proper search engine optimization your make more sale and money. If you don’t know what is SEO and how search engine works you are welcome look at what is SEO beginner guide.

So, how are you now? Want to build your own website by yourself? Congratulation!!! If you are think of website design and development company but don’t know how to find best one.

Feel free to check out an article about best web design company in bangladesh here you will a web design company it’s characteristics and why it’s the best one. Thank you…