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  • 28 tips to instantly start and grow  travel agency business step by step guide

    28 tips to instantly start and grow travel agency business step by step guide

    Are you trying hard on how to grow travel agency business but don't know how? This article will guide you and provide you a list of assignment that will instantly boost your own travel agent business. Making website and promoting it is a great way to start and grow. If you wondering why even you need website while your business running fine check out why your business needs a website


    1. Targeting audience who interested in travel

    Who is your audience? Targeting audience will help you find new clients. know how to find new clients as travel agent here.

    Target audience to grow your travel agency business

    So, if you are really beginner it's alright you don't know how to start travel agency business. Or you just started out your traveling business and now you are in trap on how to grow travel agent business as you already invested money on it. My first advice to you is to target your audience.  If you don’t know who to target or who to sell you should do a research on people who are more interested to traveling. To give you a simple idea make a list of 5 to 10 companies and ask them what do they do on vacation or do they have traveling plan for employees refreshment.


    2. Business plan helps to grow agency

    Business plan makes great travel agency

    You have your business without plan, you are probably not good at your business or about to give up your business. Planning is very important and essential not only in travel agent business but also to the success of any business. My second recommend to you is to make a business plan today on "My awesome travel agent business plan" as you are looking for how to start travel agency business or how to grow travel agency business. Please don't skip this step. When a company has a plan or goal to follow, the company has higher chance to become more successful. A business plan creates a focus for travel agency business, uniting employees toward common goals of company. When everyone works together, it’s easier to manage time and resources, to position the company for growth.

    3. Picking a right location that matters to business

    Picking right location for your company

    Well, location matters for travel agent business leader. Ask yourself where is your targeted audience. Is your audiences are school or university student? If it is, you better pick a location near schools or universities. So, go ahead and pick a great location to full fill all the needs of your business. If you stay close to your audience you have more chance to make and continue good realationship with them. Remember, growing travel agency business is all about acquiring trust. The more you become trust worthy the more you make money. So, if you are really want to become a travel agent or you are really looking how to grow travel agency business or how to start travel agency business please keep in mind about location this is my third tips to you.


    4. know how to segment in a right way

    From marketing prospective of view market segmentation is very important process of dividing a market of your potential and targeted customers into groups based on different characteristics. The segments are done among the people who has similarity in location, earnings, behavior and professions. Why is it so important to marketers? Well, market segmentation makes it easier to business leaders to personalize their marketing campaigns. By making their company’s target audienc into segmented categories, rather than targeting each customer differently, business leaders can make more effective with their time, money, and other resources. So, my next and fourth recommendation to your is to segmenting the market. Not too much for beginners as you are looking for how to start travel agency business make it simple and segment in two categories. And always go for up markets. Up market is the best way to boot your travel business really fast.

    5. Knowing targeted audience

    knowing your audienc is most important to grow travel agents business

    Wanna know my 5th tips? It's actually need to every business owner. There are many marketing strategies people are following in travel agency industries awesome styles and strategies but every thing you do is not effective. Hard but effective one is to know your audiences inside and out. Are you a good public speaker? May be you are may be not. It’s important to be a good public speaker to be a great travel agent business. If you are a public speaker, writer or just a sales person in company you must know details about your audience. When you are speaking direct in front of your audience in a stage , you of course want listeners to understand and respond according to what you are delivering. When you are writing content direct in your blog of your website , you of course want reader to understand and respond according to what you are writing. So, before writing or speaking study audience what they want to listen and what they want to read.

    6. Engaging with travel loving audience

    engaging your audience who wants to travel

    Want to read more on how to grow travel agency business? Of course you are.

    So, you don’t want to only research your audience you want to engage with them you want grow your sales right? But how do you do that? The secret to engaging with audience is to engaging with them. Sounds funny? ha ha ha. Well, you don't have to be too much tricky to do that instead just ask them a little question. For example,

    Hey “Jhon” what place did you visit in your last vacation?

    They will reply with all the information they need even though you did not expected one because people like to share experiences and ideas. You just have to be little polite to listen. This way you can ask a follow-up question and start conversation about your idea, your business and make a good offer for their next vacation tour. This is how you want engage with them.


    7. Making sales plan and apply as expert agent :

    Outline the mission and objectives helps employees understand better the business and they become more specialize in their own field. Sales plan doesn’t have to be complicated documents. However, they do require that you take time to think through several aspects of your business. Make a sample of your own or find downloadable file from internet. To do a sales plan properly you also may find a mentor who will help you make your own sales plan but not mandatory at all.

    8. Offering customize package:

    When your client buy something from business, they hesitate how to or who to buy. They also hesitate about the amount they buy. So, it needs them more decision making challenges. Instead you summarize 2 or 3 package according to your experiences. This way they face less challenges and buy your service instantly. And make sure every package you offer full fill clients need.

    tips to grow travel agents business


    9. Delivering the best possible value to travelers

    You are not just reading an article on how to grow travel agency business or how to start travel agency business. Well, you are but keep in mind you have to apply it in real life in real business situation. Don’t just make business deal make offer with value. Before you make a deal ask yourself, What or how are they going to be benefited with your offer.

    You know what ?

    People don’t just put a bunch of money in your pocket they want something in exchange. So, at least make sure your customer is happy with you. Delivering the best possible value is the best way to get returning customer. The more returning customer you have the more chance you have to grow travel agency business instantly.

    10. Acquiring trust

    How do you become trust worthy?

    grow travel agency business by acquiring trust

    Remember you made an offer before selling your service. You said many things to your customer to buy from you. What if you forgot something. Well, you have chance to apologize but apologize did not bring client's happiness. So, make a note before serving the service. This is the best way to qcquire trust among people. Some people say fake it to make it but the statement is not true for travel agent business. The most important step in building a foundation of business is to acquire trust from your customer. Well you how to acquire trust in business is to do what you say you will do. It might be a small project or big project keeping promise is more valuable in business world.

    11. Be specialize in your business area

    Why people will buy from you ? Tell themselves why you are special in traveling sector. Give them a free consultancy what to do, what to carry and what not to carry when traveling.

    Inform them so they can think you are really special in this sector.

    12. Being more personalize:

    Personalize instead generalize. When deliver a message know who are you talking to.

    Some people want to talk know each other and then make a decision according to speech just have with you.

    There are another kind of people whatever you say good or bad don’t here you.

    Instead they will ask “How much ?”.

    13. Building good customer relationship

    building customer relationship

    Do you know what ? Building a better customer relationship is the future of traveling business agent.

    People are more likely to buy product or service who they believe or who they trust.

    If someone says about your business to another friend they are more interested to buy your service although you are not that much famous yet.

    So, build relation with love …..

    14. Building partnership with big or small travel agents

    partnership with another travel company

    More team members you have on your business you have more chance to grow on long run.

    Being a leader of one or a jack-of-all-trades in today’s business world does not bring about success if you are unable to work as part of a team. The importance of teamwork cannot be stressed enough!

    However, it’s hard to get a group of individuals to work together smoothly. Don’t you agree?


    A leader who can’t work with a team, is a failure!


    15. Asking referrals

    You know the only secret way to grow your traveling agent business and make more money is to increase your sales.

    It’s not that much easy it takes a lot of hard work and effort to make a single sale for travel agent business leader.

    Whether you are a owner or job holder in travel agency you all are in sales. how long you’ve been in sales ?

    I assume you already know that getting a sale through cold calls is tough.

    It’s always easier when a friend or client recommends your products or services to someone else.


    Enough talk about how to start travel agency business in a old fashioned way but we are living in a digital world. So, let's talk about how to grow travel agency business digitally.


    16. Designing a responsive website:

    Design a agency website

    Whether you are a travel agent or real estate business owner, having a website for business is the demand of time.

    You must have website to compete your competitors. As time flies competition are growing exponentially. Not only for traveling but in any area of businesses.

    If you don’t know how does website help business check out our last article on how website improves your sale.

    You know a special thing about website ? You don’t have to find client website will do for you. If you don't know any website design company no problem. We have published an article about a best web design company in bangladesh you are welcome to read that. We just didn't say that It's the best web design company, we also described why and how to find a best web design company. So, go ahead and find one.

    17. Finding very specific travel niche

    A business niche is a specialized or focused area of a broader market specially in traveling agent businesses that businesses can serve to differentiate themselves from the competition.

    There are many travel agent in the world why on the earth people should choice you.

    As a travel business owners you should find a niche in your industry that has under served or underachieved needs.

    If you specialize in your niche you have greater chance to grow your business more than everyone.

    18. Start writing about traveling guide

    Write about your travel agency business

    You know something or have any experiences about digital marketing ?

    Contents are great. Whether on local newspaper, billboard or internet.

    The more content you have more people will engage with you and you have more chance to do business.

    So, start write articles whatever opportunity you. Social media, newspaper or online blog.

    Read more on 30 steps to write content or article that sales more then everyone.

    19. Grow audience and update contents

    When it comes to digital marketing, search engines out rank older content because somebody writes a good content on the same topic.

    Search engines see which article has step by step guidelines spend their time on the page and some other metric.

    So, you need to update your blog post or articles regularly.

    20. Creating travel agency related video content

    Travel related video content

    This days videos are making more impact on social media and website. Some videos are going viral this days.

    people are watching and discussing with their friend about the video.

    So, as a travel business leader you should prepare yourself with the recent trends. You know content are important but videos are awesome.

    People are lazy don’t want to user their brain they just want a visual representation.

    So, If you don’t have any video yet, Make one today not tomorrow. I bet your website visitor will see your video and buy from you.


    21. Embeding professional photos and pictures

    As you make videos also try to include photos.

    Whenever you visited some place or performed a project take a professional photographer and publish it to your website and social media account.

    Picture makes more sense and impact then just plain content.

    22. Cold mailing

    Send mail to know about if they interested

    After finishing the travel project just send an thank you email and tell them to come back again whenever they need.

    Say them: Also don’t forget to give an online review.

    23. Contest:

    Hosting a competition is a great way to engage with clients and build networking opportunity.

    Great companies always host different type of contest whether it’s photo contest or drawing contest. This way you can find more client and gain trust.

    Try to make contest topic related to your business idea.


    24. Make a unique pitch:

    Pitch to attrack travel clients

    People don’t like salesman or their pitch. Make your own unique pitch and memorize it.

    Remember, pitching is not something everyone can do. It’s an art.

    Do you know surprising thing about pitching?

    People who understand business they like pitching and they want to here how nicely you deliver your pitch. So, make it special and unique.


    25. Hire SEO expert to boost your travel business

    SEO is not so hard but so competative because every company is doing it to get better ranking in search engine. You can also do it when you have free time on your hand. Want to learn something about SEO? Let met teach you now what SEO stands for. Well SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

    People are searching “travel agent” or “travel agency near me” . If you can rank your website for those search terms you are more likely to generate more traffic to your website.

    The more traffic you have for the search term the more sales you generate. But to rank for search term you need to make a SEO friendly website first and do other job. If you find it boring or don't have enough time you may to do SEO and drive traffic to your website contact us.

    Do seo to spread your agency news


    26. Being available

    Try to sell when people are hot this way you can get a better deal.

    Suppose someone calls you at night 10 pm they have a traveling plan for vacation.

    But you reach them next day morning. What will happen ? They might already took the service from somewhere else or they just skipped the plan.

    27. Use social media to inform your audiences

    Social media is a virtual community building platform made with computer technology where people meet and share idea also make business deals.

    The total number of social media user is over 10 billions. This is a huge traveling business opportunity for companies.

    So, social media has become an essential tool of your travel agency business marketing strategy.

    Social media platforms help you stay connected with your potential customer and existing customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales.

    28. Ask for google reviews

    ask for google review to grow travel audiences

    Reviews are great whenever you successfully complete a deal ask for a review or opinion. People who visit internet frequently they tends to watch on reviews they also count on reviews. Still have question how to grow travel agency business online or how to start travel agency business online? Well, Ask for reviews because reviews are simply great. This way you have opportunity to analyze your customer and you find out where is your downside. And you fix the problem next time when you make another deal. You might be surprise why reviews are so important is the fact that they help grow customer loyalty and trust towards a brand. A client who takes the time to leave a positive review on a particular business on product or service is likely to come back again for more business.