What is BASIS? What does BASIS stand for?

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What is BASIS? What does BASIS stand for?

So, What is BASIS or What does BASIS stand for ? Don’t know ? It’s alright if you are a generale person but if you are involved in Software or IT related business you must know what is BASIS or how BASIS works, roles of BASIS in IT business in Bangladesh everything you need to know. So, If you are interested in software business you need to know how to get basis membership easily….

Let me explain it to you what is basis or what does basis stand for and some more information?

BASIS – Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services

Well, If you don’t know, I am pretty sure you don’t have basis membership or you are not associated with this awesome organization. BASIS is the national trade association of IT sector in Bangladesh. It is mandatory to have BASIS membership for the Software industry or IT leaders.

BASIS is great association of Bangladesh Software and IT service. With the growing wants from totally different sectors of economy as well as Government are searching for their potency improvement, which might solely be achieved through implementation of correct package and IT enabled services. The demand of those package and services are currently virtually catered by the native firms. If you like to do software business you need to get BASIS membership.


BASIS is the sole national trade association for this sector, is serving the interests of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh software and services business. The connection of BASIS is understood by the actual fact that the association has mature from an eighteen member entity in 1998 to a body with over 1000 members in 2020. Today, BASIS member firms account for majority of the revenues generated by the software and services business. Besides most of the massive software players, BASIS membership conjointly covers an enormous base of tiny and medium firms that job with the association for steering and continuous support.

BASIS’s aims and objectives embody the facilitation of trade and business in package, IT services and IT enabled services industries; encouraging advancement of research; facilitation of education, employment and growth of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh economy. In line with these goals, BASIS works with the Govt of People’s Republic of Bangladesh to formulate policies and procedures within the package and services sector and provide portfolio of services to the software community in Bangladesh. There are many more facilities for those who get basis membership.

BASIS has been operating in close cooperation with the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Government to make business friendly policy surroundings the country. Basis membership helps you developing your IT career. Developing telecommunication infrastructure, software industry-friendly tax regime and prompt redressed of procedural bottlenecks are signs of the work that BASIS has been enterprising with the govt. Get more information from the official website of BASIS

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