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  • Best web design company in bangladesh 2020-2021

    Best web design company in bangladesh 2020-2021

    Best web design company in Bangladesh is in service. Well, before discussing every thing let me assume you are looking for a web design company or you are enthusiastic in a web design and development career. So, you need to know how to find the best web design company. In this article, I am going to describe you some common facts that will help you to find best web design company from both client’s and developer’s prospective of views. Some of you may be asking what are the characteristics of a good website?


    Well, What makes a a best website ?

    A website is well decorated with information of your business. Information might be in the formate of text, picture, audio or even video.  So, ready to know about how to find the best web design company in bangladesh before knowing the best one? In the picture bellow it almost illustrate what should be the best website and how web design company make a good website. If you still confused check how to choose web design company.

    Best web design company in bangladesh and it's features


    So, let's start from the ground...


    0. What is web or website ?

    what is web design company

    If you are a student looking for career in the web design and development company this definition will help you in the interview board more over here in this article describe a best web design company in bangladesh and how to find best one.

    So, what is website ?

    A website is a collection of web things or resources such as Web pages, Pictures, Videos, Articles or Contents that indicate a single domain name and stored in a web server is called website.

    Memorizing definition is hard for me.

    If it is the case for you too, you can think website something like your home where everything is decorated as you choose.

    In your website you can decorate your business, your passion, or your hobby. A best web design company in Bangladesh provides all of those to your website.

    1. Website design

    web design company

    You can design your own website. Incase you don't know you may read how website improves your sales.

    If you are not a technical person you may hire a designer to design a website for your business Whether it a garbage collection company or website design and development company.

    Whether you are technical person or non technical person in both cases you have to choice a language. For the maximum number of time web design company in Bangladesh uses Hypertext Markup Language(HTML), It is enough but if you want your website look better then you have to choice another language called Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

    Designing a professional looking website is a special skill in the production and maintenance of websites so, you need to know how to find best web design company in Bangladesh.

    Things to keep in mind as a business owner Web design includes:

    • Graphics design
    • Interface design
    • Standardize code
    • User experience
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)


    2. Website development

    web development comapny

    Web development is a set of tasks from hosting a website via intranet or internet, Website design, Content development, Client-side scripting, Server-side scripting and security configuration with all other tasks.

    Development of a website generally divided into two parts:

    1) front-end development

    2) back-end development

    3. front-end development

    design and development of front end site

    What makes a best web design company in Bangladesh as front end design? How may website do you visit everyday ? Did you ever wonder how beautiful is one website rather then other one.

    You might be seen animations, drawings, or games on a website. You click on button it does a particular task behind the scene.

    While web design is the way a website looks in front of you , front end development is what that appearance actually gets to done on the web.

    Anyways, All those things you see on a website are build through by the front-end development. And programmers with great mind behind them have nice name: front-end developers.

    Sometimes I myself realize how fancy work might be done by those people.

    4. back-end development

    backend design and development

    When you visit a website you see only front-end development of a website not back-end. So, What is back-end development ? Every web design company in Bangladesh or every website made by bangladeshi web design company should have a back-end or admin panel.

    Well, normal user doesn’t know about back-end side of web. Only developers and website owners know what’s in back-end.

    In this part of website developer usually maintain core functional logic and operations of a web app or information system software.

    And the people behind the back-end is known as back-end developer.

    Back-end developer specially become expert in programming skills in any language of choice. It might be Python or PHP or other programming languages.

    The key performance need to perform of a back-end developer is to ensure that the data or services requested by the front-end system are delivered through programmatic and logical means.

    Back-end developers are responsible for designing database, maintain the core system, programming logic, testing and debugging the website.


    5. Web design company in Bangladesh :

    web design company in bangladesh

    The website design and development is a relatively new sector in the Bangladesh.

    Though it is yet to make great contribution in the national economy, it is an important also essential industry.

    BASIS- Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services was established in 1997 as a national IT service industry started with only 17 member companies but now membership had grow to over thousands.

    There are many web design company in Bangladesh.

    They all are very good from their point of view but you may not like all of them as policies vary company to company.

    Companies who maintain professional quality, security and provide post sale support and keep promises you may searching for.

    So, choose the best web design company in bangladesh that will provide you a professional & unique website design service, proper after-sale support and developed highly secured website.


    6. Why choice Bangladeshi web design company ?

    why choice bangladeshi web design company

    Bangladesh has already attracted many global brands providing them quality software and website.

    In a study among Asian countries by Japan international Cooperation Agency in 2007–08, Bangladesh was ranked first in software and IT services competitiveness and third in competencies, after India and China.

    Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_technology_in_Bangladesh

    It’s a great achievement as new IT sector. This has resulted in a substantially high rate of quality achievement and technical compliance in Bangladesh’s IT sector.

    Also, there are more than thousands students getting graduation from the major of computer science and engineering, further adding to the skilled manpower for the segment.

    7. How to find company in bangladesh :

    how to find best web design company

    On going Best development support :

    ​Ongoing consulting and development support is obtainable for the period of the additional planned system development project. The support and participation is provided at individually pre united level and methodology throughout the various times of the general project. Some of the activities throughout the on-going support specially for web design companies. There are many web design company now but how to choose web design company that is perfect for your business?

        General ​progress support calls
        Consulting and progress analysis calls
        Material, conception and information support
        characteristic at location support wants
        Quarterly stop conferences and coaching

    Beyond the system development support, we have a tendency to determine and recommend workshops and coaching for varied support supplier or business builder groups, segments or events that are a part of the native ecosystems. All sessions will be recorded for more internal distribution, along with any associated coaching materials tools.

    There is no business opportunity in one time sale and close the sale, in any business long time relationship between client and seller makes the business. So, if you want to find best web design company in Bangladesh you must know topics bellow.

    Customer support:

    Customer support may be a vary of client services to help customers in creating value effective and proper use of a product. It includes help in coming up with, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal of a product Your website is live 24 hour in a day, Visitor are looking around your website to buy your service. But how do you think one day morning you wake up and see broken web page, you call your designer and they are very busy to response. So, look out for 24/7 Customer service.

    Mobile friendly Web or website :

    You can’t ignore mobile friendly design this days. Some website get more then 50% of their organic traffic from mobile device.

    SEO friendly design:

    You know what ? Website rank well in search engine generate more sale. SEO is the key factor to rank in search engine. So, check if they offer a seo friendly website. Interested to learn SEO ?

    Look at their portfolio page :

    Portfolios are best to identify the ability of the company in fact there are some smart new bees in this sector who did not make yet great portfolio but they

    are promised to provide great service.

    Check in client testimonials :

    If you find testimonials from their client's that means they provided a great service to them.

    Pricing :

    Pricing is actually a variable in website design and development industry but design or development company should offer you package. Generally low

    budget makes less quality ensuring.

    Additional services :

    Some company offer additional services like maintenance after deployment.

    Creative contents :

    Contents are the food of search engine more relevant content the better is the service. For extra content you might be charged little more for a

    professional content writer.


    8. Checklist before hiring a web design company :

    web design company in bangladesh

    Set up clear goal :

    Be clear about the goals of your newly design website. Whether it is increasing sales, promoting your business information, client awareness.

    You don’t really need a website without proper goal. So, when you set your mind to hire a web design company in Bangladesh you must remember these things.

    Budget for development in Bangladesh :

    budget is an important thing to keep in mind.

    How much do you want to spend according to your marketing plan? Discuss about your budget with your development team. website development cost depends on your budget and functionality. The more functionality you want the more it costs.

    of thousands.

    what functionality do you want more?

    Did you ever ask your client having any new functionality on website may help them in better user experience ? If not ask them and tell your developing company.

    Your timeline?

    Is there any special time when you want your site to be completed ? So, talk to your developer team to increase performance.

    Communication with developer regularly :

    Do you have extra time to communicate or sit down with your your developer company for multiple times from the project planning stages to deployment.

    Will you provide contents ?

    Do you have content writing experience or hire content writer for your website ? If you can’t write contents discuss with your developer team to provide you professional content.


    9. Challenges :

    Being a professional web developer is a bit like professional problem solver.

    In every new project, developer face new challenges in day-to-day tasks.

    With mindful and collaborative team discussion from consumer and developer parties we overcome challenges and turn into opportunities.

    Having great user experience is another challenge varies business to business without collaboration and proper experiment it’s nearly impossible to generate more sale through website.

    So, it’s need to keep in mind have long time service agreement helps both businesses. If your location nearby Uttara you may wish to check list of web design company in uttara.


    10. Opportunity with web design company :

    how web design company helps grow business

    Web design company in Bangladesh brings some opportunity for both parties consumers as well as suppliers, specially for the new business owner.

    As your company grows you have a chance to get benefited having service or doing experiments.

    You have opportunity to collaborative discussion for the both parties.

    The Government of Bangladesh is doing all they can to encourage investors and having a market monitoring system so that both parties get equal service from each other.


    Best web design company in Bangladesh


    11. Why chotoSite is the best web design company in Bangladesh ?

    best web design company in bangladesh is chotosite

    ChotoSite is one of the best web design company in bangladesh located at Uttara, Dhaka helping businesses grow online. If you don't know the characteristics of a good web design please check out the characteristics of a good web design.

    As you know website is a collection of resources such as Web pages, Pictures, Videos, Articles or Contents.

    chotoSite provides a complete set of online solution for businesses
    maintains development circle Planning → Wire-framing → Development and Deployment → Follow-up with existing problem fixing bug and update regularly
    Design eye-catching web page, collecting pictures and writing contents
    Follows world’s most popular coding structure MVC that helps organize the software
    provides 24/7 dedicated customer support
    Price flexibility according to business goals and requirement
    Mobile responsive designer
    Great user experience
    SEO friendly website
    Company standard code with performance test report ( Very important )
    Project is delivered on timeline
    Updates security and uses latest technology


    Hope this article will help you in your next web development project in future.