How to get basis membership easily ?

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how to get basis membership easily ?

Do you know how to get basis membership easily? Well, you are an IT leader in Bangladesh you have to have a basis membership certificate to perform IT business.Being associated with BASIS brings opportunity to spread out your idea, proposition even suggestion. But sometimes joining in a community or getting basis membership becomes a headache if you don’t know the easy procedure. In this article I am going to show you how to get basis membership easily. In case you don’t know anything about BASIS you may read an article about

What is BASIS or What does BASIS stand for.

So, are you ready to know how to get basis membership easily? Let’s start from eligibility…

Step 1:

Checking eligibility of BASIS membership

eligibility of getting basis membership
eligibility of getting basis membership

Business registered or incorporated in Bangladesh related to Information and Technology, E-commerce or back-office IT services is eligible for applying membership.

  1. Main activity should be in IT sector.
  2. Performs for commercial purposes
  3. Minimum age of business at least 6 month according to business license

Membership opportunities of BASIS:

opportunities of basis membership
opportunities of basis membership

There are three main benefits for the members of this community

  1. Participation on events, special training program only designed for members
  2. Supporting on issues with Government policies
  3. Discount on every event or program

However there are other business facilities:

  1. Have opportunity to work with bigger player
  2. Chance to work with both national and international project
  3. Networking opportunity like a boss
  4. Opportunity to grow your sale
  5. Knowing up to date rules and regulations
  6. Growing leadership skills in the IT sector

Step 2:

Choosing basis membership category:

• General Membership
• Associate Membership

General Membership:

General membership is provided to the software business leaders who are experienced over two years in the software industry.

Associate membership:

Associate membership is provided to the people who are relatively less experienced I mean less than 2 years.

Step 3 :

Preparing documents before applying for basis membership:

Needed documents before applying for basis membership
Needed documents before applying for basis membership
  1. Reference from two registered BASIS member companies
  2. Prepare at least 3 software or ITES related workOrder
  3. Up to date trade license mentioning nature of business
  4. TIN Certificate
  5. Attested updated Income Tax Certificate.
  6. Full company profile (Please mention Human resources with organogram, Infrastructure, area of business and client list )
  7. Articles of Memorandum and Articles of Association. If it’s a partnership firm please also prepare partnership dead.
  8. Details of representative: Both educational and professional including two copies of passport size photograph with signature.
  9. Corporate resolution in favor of representative
  10. Corporate brochure if available

Step 4:

Remembering some technical guidelines:

Technical guideline to get basis membership
Technical guideline to get basis membership
  1. Application form data is automatically deleted after 10 days. So, prepare all documents before apply.
  2. You will be given a token number at the time of Application form submission. Token number is used for resume application form anytime
  3. All PDF Attachment file size must be within 1MB.
  4. Image Attachment file must be in JPG or PNG
  5. Image Attachment file Size Defined As (Width x Height Size)
  6. Use [#] alternative of [-] where necessary
  7. Membership application form and supporting document must be attested by company owner
  8. Keep original document while submitting hard copy

Step 5:

Go to Click Member login on top right. New interface will appear, Click create account and fill up the form. You have two options getting temporary password via SMS or Email. Or directly visit this link and fill the form. Sign in to your email account and click confirmation link. You will get a temporary password via SMS or Email.

how to get basis membership
how to get basis membership

Step 6: visit the link. Put your email and temporary password. The new interface is the online membership application form. Fill up the form correctly. There are 10 easy steps in online application system. Just follow them…

application form basis membership
application form basis membership

Step 7:

Completing pay order:

All payments have to be made by pay order in favor of ‘Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services’. And waiting for confirmation…..

One time fees:

General Membership fee is BDT. 20,000/- (Non Refundable)

Associate Membership fee is BDT. 10,000/- (Non Refundable)

Annual Subscription fees:

General Membership subscription fee 10,000 yearly

Associate Membership subscription fee 5,000 yearly


Well, knowing how to get basis membership doesn’t guaranty basis membership unless you apply physically. The best practice is to go basis office and contact with authorize person. There are really beautiful and helpful minded people. So, did you find the article on how to get basis membership easily? If you like this article let me know via contact form so that I get inspired to post more helpful article.


Note: These procedure and fees may be changed the time you are reading this article. If you think this procedure doesn’t work anymore let me know via contact form I will update the article and help you out another way. Every member of the association will get membership certificate after clearing the annual fee valid for one year. For farther information visit BASIS WEBISTE. Thank you