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  • how to choose web design company? 8 things you must watch out

    how to choose web design company? 8 things you must watch out

    How to choose web Design Company when you are making one for your business? Well, it’s a little difficult to bring your business online if you can’t choose right web designer company for your business. There are so many web design agency out there so it’s tough to pick right one for you but this is also not a simple decision you want to make overnight the reason it’s so important it’s going to be the online representative of your business. The quality and face value of this representative should be influential because it’s the first entry point of your potential clients to make business deal with you. People are going to make decision whether they do business with you or not.

    So, it’s important to choose a web design company that will help you to reach your target audience and help you to focus on your business goals. So, how do you supposed to choose the best web design company for your business? Well, I am going show some tips and trick that will help you choose better web Design Company in Bangladesh.

    what to see when you choose web design company for your business


    1. They follow MVC patter

    choose web design company follow mvc patter

    Before choosing web design companies ask them do you follow MVC patter. Well, MVC stands for Model View Controller. You may don’t know what is it or how to implement but your design firm should know. To provide you some extra information I need to say MVC is a software or website architecture that separates an application into three main elements each of these elements are designed to perform better developing experience from developing prospective of views. But as business owner why do you care? Well, it helps designer organize and maintenance code well in case you lost contact for your website design company you need to hire another designer or software company to maintain your website. MVC pattern is something every developer familiar with if you contact some design company is not familiar with MVC you should not choose them for your website. There are more charachteristics of a good website you may follow to understand better.

    2. They understand your business idea

    choose web design company who understand your business

    You are a business leader. You’re working hard to reach your business. You study your audience; you make your business plan accordingly. You better how approach your target audience more than anyone does in this world. So, you need to make sure that your web design company also understands your business and business idea to apply online so that your targeted audience feels same as you approach them physically. If a web design company don’t listen to your idea, don’t understand your idea, then you maybe don’t want to work with them for your business. Your designer should be capable of putting your idea and understanding into action of sales that’s what a web design company’s real work is.

    3. They have a set of action plan according to your idea

    choose web design company has their own action plan

    It’s important that your web design company understand your business idea and just not want make a website. How do you make sure that your design company understood your idea? Well, after some conversation between you and you design company they should be able to make their own set of action plan according to your idea. In this way you really find someone who cares your business as they care their business. This way both business have chance to grow fast. As you know your business well so your website should be designed well. It’s important to keep in mind if you want to bring most out of your business you need to share information don’t just say them you need a website that generate more sale.

    So, did you see an action plan from your web design firm?

    4. They Know SEO friendly Web Design

    choose web design company who offer seo friendly website

    Do you know what SEO friendly web design is?

    Well, most people don’t know what is SEO or what is SEO friendly website but it’s not a big deal your web design firm you are working with should know what SEO friendly is. So, what is SEO friendly website? Well, SEO friendly website means search engine can crawl your each and every web page perfectly and able to index them accordingly. Once search engine index your web pages so that they can serve the best result for the people who search the web.

    So what’s your benefit?  

    Well, if people search about any service that related to your business or you sell that service in return of search result your web page comes first and you have more chances to sale more and grow your business more than your competitors. Chotosite is one of the great web design company in Bangladesh who promised to serve best quality and SEO friendly website to clients. you also read how website improve sales.

    5. They Know Responsive Design

    Do you know what responsive web design is?

    Well, if you don’t know there is no problem but your web design agency should know if you really want to choose web design firm that is the best for your business. So, what is it? Well, responsive web design is an approach of website design that render well in different device and window or different screen size. Responsive web design is simply the way of design a modern website. You of course don’t want multiple website for different devices such as desktop or tablet phone but you want same website look different in variant of devices. If web Design Company is not well in responsive design and offer you a different site for mobile phones than they are not a better choice for your business. Now a day’s more than 30% traffic comes from mobile devices so it’s better to optimize your site for mobile and tablet usage to grow your business fast.

    6. They integrate CMS for articles

    choose company who offer cms

    CMS stands for Content Management System. You make content or article every week for your customer and make them aware of updated information of your services. You can make different pages within your website but that’s not a great idea to implement. What you need to do ask your developer to create a content management system for you. There are pre made content management system that works fine for those who doesn’t know computer code well. If your developer is really experienced they should make you a custom content management system according to your website goals. Remember discussed earlier about SEO friendly website a good content management system also helps your SEO. So, if you have existing website and don’t have CMS hire developer today to make CMS and start publish useful article to website for your clients and make them happy.

    7. They designed website for the same industries

    It’s always best practice to hire web Developer Company who has worked in the same industries before. If you find that kind of developer it’s best for your business. This can be really helpful when design your website you don’t have to spend too much time with your developer because they are already experienced with the idea and business you do. This way you can focus your works.

    8. They Update and maintain website regularly

    A website needs to update and maintain in certain period of time because it’s the web that changed over time. As new design and Development Company grow every year and shut off many of them. So you should be careful who to choose. A true experiment with web design company they update and maintain regularly when new technology comes they choose that and learn well and practice well this is how web design company gets experience. The more experience of a website design and development company have the more they had to change the technology and the design trends of the new idea and innovative way. If you are not tech interested person you may asking why do your business website.